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  1. Introduction

The purpose of the association is to promote proximity between people who belong to the same neighbourhood, the same municipality, the same company and other groups in the broad sense.

It pursues the achievement of its purpose in particular by, without profit motive : 

– promoting and facilitating recreational, cultural or professional events/activities in the most diverse forms that meet the wants and needs of people, groups and organizations.

– setting up unifying events (cultural, social, educational, family, craft, creative, festive, professional, culinary or other).

– unite and promote local, regional or national actors (producers, traders, artisans, self-employed people), where possible and desired. 

– to sell, rent or lend equipment to organize the above events/activities   

  1. Member

– 2.1 : Registration

The rental of equipment at “member prices” implies membership in Connect’Event. When registering as a member, a registration form is signed. This registration is family and nominative. In addition, the new member receives a 5 euros discount on any future Connect’Event event.

Registration is immediate upon submission of the registration form and payment of the membership fee. Membership is valid for 1 year and the same rules apply for renewal as for the first subscription. Only adults can subscribe to Connect’Event.

– 2.2 : Members’ data

The data collected from our members during the subscription process is intended exclusively for use by Connect’Event. These data are used to communicate with our members. This data is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our data must be kept up-to-date, so any change in contact details must be reported as soon as possible.

If a member wishes to terminate their membership, they must return all rented equipment and pay any outstanding amounts. With their agreement, their membership will then be suspended. Refunds, even partial, of membership fees are not possible.

  1. Rental conditions

3.1 Rental :

Rental of equipment is nominal and on payment of the corresponding rental fee.

Rental at the member’s rate is possible only if the member’s dues are in order and the member has no outstanding rentals. In the case of rentals, the member shall pay the rental fee directly.

3.2 Subscriptions :

Annual contribution of 15 euros for the residents of Kraainem and Wezembeek-Oppem

o Annual contribution of 20 euros for residents of other municipalities

3.3 Rental rates for members:

The rates are visible on

The tariffs can vary according to the indexation.

3.4 Rental period :

The rental period is determined in advance with a responsible of Connect’Event.

3.5 Reservations:

Members can reserve equipment. To do so, the member must inform Connect’Event by email or telephone of the equipment he/she wishes to borrow and the desired date of pick-up. The lessee is required to inform Connect’Event if he/she cannot attend. If the member does not show up on the date of collection, the reserved equipment will be made available again.

3.6 Responsibility of the member for the rented equipment:

Rentals are made in the name and under the responsibility of the renting member, even if the rented equipment is handed over to a third party, the same applies to the return of the equipment.

The member is obliged to return the rented equipment:

o Complete

o Clean and tidy

o In its original condition

3.7 Destruction, damage or loss of parts:

The equipment available at Connect’Event is in usable condition and complete. The renter may check the condition at the time of rental.

The member agrees that an adult is always present to supervise the correct use of the rented equipment.

Upon return, Connect’Event checks the condition and contents of the equipment in the presence of the member.

Any damage to the rented equipment (except for normal wear and tear) is the responsibility of the renter, who agrees to reimburse any necessary repair or replacement costs.

In case of recidivism, the member may temporarily or permanently lose his right to loan.